Once again Indore District saw the intensity of Child Labor issue when nineteen child laborers, mostly from Burdwan district of West Bengal, were rescued from the Sarafa market here on Friday: 27th January 2012. A joint team of officials from Women and Child Development Department, Labor Department, police and Indore CHILDLINE carried out raids to free the children working under inhuman/hazardous condition as bonded laborers. The children rescued were working at various goldsmith shops in various buildings around the market.

A team of officials i.e. CHILDLINE, WCD, Police department, Labor department was formed and rescue operation was conducted. There were 2 building where the children found working at goldsmith shops, and may be more than 20 children were working. Total 19 children were rescued from different shops. Out of 19 children one of these children was from Vidisha and one other from Indore and rests were mostly from Burdwan (West Bengal). The children were brought to Indore in the name of imparting them training after paying money to their poor parents. But once they are here they are employed. Their parents are too poor to come here and enquire about their children’s plight, these children were made to work around 15 hours a day on just meals and no wages at all and that , too in unhealthy conditions.

These children and their employers were then brought to Sarafa Police Station, a Fir against the employers was lodged by CHILDLINE. An issue arise in front of Labor Commissioner about the employers, therefore all children were separately brought to see employers, thus, after identification of owners after completing formalities in presence of Assistant Labor Commissioner, Mr. J. S. Uddeya, children were handed over to Indore CHILDLINE for temporary shelter. Out of 19 children 9 children were brought to SJPU, Pardesipura and 10 children to CHILDLINE centre. CWC member Dr. Nitin Shukla was present during the whole operation and he himself issued orders for further enquiry and temporary shelter.

Child Welfare Committee met all the guardians and finally after round of many discussions and handed over the children to their respective guardians.