To establish a national footprint in child Protection and women empowerment.


To work in collaboration with community, government and private sector for the women and child development.

child help foundation india

1. The Genesis

"AAs" was initiated by seven like-minded youths who came together to spread awareness towards diverse social problems. In the year 2003, they formed a group which initiated many social activities for spreading awareness on different social issues like HIV/AIDS, STI, drug de-addiction, blood donation, water & sanitation etc. On 05-05-2005, this informal group registered itself as a not for profit organization under Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act with name "AAs–Aim for the Awareness of society". (Registration No: 03/27/3/0431/05).

AAs – which in Hindi means "Hope"- was established in May 2005 to establish the hope for positive change in the society. Child help foundation. It is the endeavor of AAS to serve the society and make it more capable to face challenges of deprived groups especially women and children. Presently, organization is mainly working for water and sanitation, child development and women empowerment in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

AAS believes to work with a theme of Knowledge and Resource partnership. It runs different projects in close coordination with different government departments such as Indore Police, Municipal Corporation, Labour Department, Women and Child Development Department etc. This list of stakeholders ensures the credibility of the organization.

2. Objectives

  • To associate with different government schemes for the improvement of Schedule Caste and Tribes, women, children and other deprived sections of the society
  • To conduct awareness programs in rural and urban areas to improve physical and mental health of people
  • To establish linkages with health department for imparting health services to the vulnerable
  • To develop and demonstrate sustainable systems for the environment, sanitation and waste recycling
  • To work for the communal harmony in the society
  • To work for the rehabilitation of physically or mentally disadvantaged, female sex workers and other marginalized groups of society
  • To build sustainable livelihood resources, infrastructure and enhance accessibility of the resources for poor community
  • To conduct training programs on new, advanced and affordable technologies for the rural farmers to increase the production.

3. Ongoing & recent projects

  • CHILDLINE -1098- Supported by CHILDLINE India Foundation and Ministry of Women and Child Development Department GOI
  • Local Economic Development Baseline – Supported by Commonwealth Local Self Governance Forum (CLGF)
  • Project SEWA- Supported by Shree Mahadeo Shahara Sukrat Trust
  • M Mitra- Supported by Armman Mumbai
  • Sarthi "Empowerment Centre"- Supported by ZEE Media Corporation Limited
  • Masti Ki Pathshala- Supported by various individual volunteers of Indore.
  • Women Empowerment through Livelihood Initiatives- Run by the organization using its own resources
  • Conducting various awareness activities in school, offices, colonies, malls, parks etc.
  • Implementation of child development project at Manglia area in Indore in association with Shree Mahadeo Sahara Trust

4. Experience in development projects- "What we have been doing"

AAs has a very rich experience of working in the various sectors of social development. Some of the major accomplishments of the organization are mentioned below.

Experience in child protection

Child protection is one of the major areas for the organization and under this AAs is working for Right to Education. AAs facilitates pro-poor communities in getting admission for their children under RTE (Right to Education). Organization is also implementing CHILDLINE project for children in need, care and Protection to address

various child protection related issues. The CHILDLINE team along with representatives from Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) ,Child begging centre, Labour Department and policemen rescues children, who are forced or involved in begging, child labour and child marriages. It also organizes various campaigns so as to make children aware of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). CHILDLINE project is run by the Organization in Indore (M.P.) with the support of CHILDLLINE India Foundation and Ministry of Women and Child Development GOI.

Experience in water and sanitation sector

Organization operates various projects addressing water and sanitation issues. AAs has hands on experience in the community managed water supply in urban areas and it has successfully completed conjunctive water management project with support of Taru organization. AAs has worked for toilet construction in the urban areas with the help of community mobilization. It has also organized mass awareness programmes on the occasion of World Water Day, World Toilet Day, Global Hand Washing Day etc. In addition to this, AAS has diligently organized social research assignments on water and sanitation for various international organizations such as ISET, Taru etc

Experience in Social Research sector

Organization has successfully completed various research projects in Indore covering various development issues such as water and sanitation, Traffic, Wet market, Local economic development etc. Organization conducted all these research assignments for different national and international organizations like Taru, ISET, Commonwealth, Asian Development Organization, Shree Mahadeo Shahara Trust etc.

Experience in slum improvement projects

AAs has implemented conjunctive water management project in two slums in Indore named Rahul Gandhi Nagar and Devshrinagar. Organization has hands on experience in community mobilization on water and sanitation, water conservation and development of community based systems for water management. Besides this organization has its volunteer's network in the 50 slums of Indore and with the help of these volunteers, organization implements various social awareness programmes on a regular basis.

Experience in livelihood promotion of urban women

AAs has always been working towards its mission of bringing about sustainable improvements in the lives of urban community by improving their livelihood options and exploring innovative livelihood options for slum women. Organization is conducting various livelihood training programmes for the urban women in Indore. The main objective of this programme is to increase availability of good livelihood options for the urban women at their door steps and support communities in market development.

Experience in creating blood donor network

AAs since its inception has made efforts to arrange blood for the needy patients. It has been able to make various blood donations in Indore with the help of its active volunteers youth force. AAS acts as a facilitator by connecting people who need blood and blood donors. It has made about 1000 blood donations in the last three years.

5.Organization's Collaboration with different departments- "Together we can help"

  • Women and Child Development Department
  • Social Justice Department
  • Indore Police
  • Labour Department
  • Child Welfare Committee
  • Education Department
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Indore Municipal Corporation

6.Our Achievements- "To be Proud of"

  • AAs developed a module on Child Sexual Abuse named "Surakshit Bachpan" was inaugurated by Honorable Minister Ms. Maya Singh on 06-05-2016
  • More than 1000 children in need, care and protection were supported in the year 2015-16
  • Bravery award received by the representative of the organization in the year 2015 on the occasion of Women's Day
  • Bravery award received by the representative of the organization in the year 2014 on the occasion of Women's Day
  • AAs received ‘'BEST NGO'' award on 26 Jan, 2013 by the district administration for rescuing various children from the vulnerable places
  • Organization rescued 220 children who were organized for the child labor in different places of Indore
  • Organization rescued 150 children who were organized for the child begging in different places of Indore
  • Indore district admiration formed the very first committee in Indore for addressing child begging issues as a result of the advocacy efforts made by the organization