Livelihood Promotion of Urban Women


This initiative to promote livelihood options among urban women was started by AAs in 2005. AAs has always been working towards its mission of bringing about sustainable improvements in the lives of urban community by improving their livelihood options and exploring innovative livelihood options for slum women. Organization is conducting various livelihood training programmes for the urban women in Indore. The main objective of this programme is to increase availability of good livelihood options for the urban women at their door steps and support communities in market development.



  • Freely live their life with a sense of self-worth, respect and dignity,
  • Have complete control on their life, both within and outside of their home and workplace,
  • To make their own choices and decisions,
  • Have equal rights to participate in social, religious and public activities,
  • Have equal social status in the society,
  • Have equal rights for social and economic justice,
  • Determine financial and economic choices,
  • Get equal opportunity for education,
  • Get equal employment opportunity without any gender bias,
  • Get safe and comfortable working environment.




Women are trained and provided with raw material for making Diyas during Diwali season, Rakhis during Rakhsabhandhan season and Jewelleries which are made throughout the year. Women from slums are formed into groups and whole responsibility is assigned to them so as to make them responsible and independent.



A jewellery-making program was started in order to make them financially stable so that they can earn for themselves. The women of nearby communities were contacted and explained about the concept. The main objective behind this project was to facilitate marketing and business strategies to community women.

AAs provides support to the women by helping them to sell their product and contacting potential buyers. To sell the jewellery the organization uses E-Bay India. The women are given the raw materials to make jewellery. They are also trained on making jewellery. A skilled person is called who trains the women to make different designs and patterns. About a 100 women has been a part of the project.

Diya Making

During diwali season, women of the slum are provided with raw materials for making diyas. These Diyas are then sent to the exhibition for selling. This activity enhances the livelihood of the women.


Women are taught how to sew clothes so that they can set up their own businesses and can support their families without depending on others.

Rakhi making

During Rakshabandhan season, women are trained and raw materials are supplied to them for making Rakhis. These Rakhis are then sold in malls, in campuses of companies etc.