Project Sarthi


AAs is a partner of Sarthi for Indore Madhya Pradesh. The word “Sarthi” (सारथी) means the one who drives us in the right direction. True to its name, this mission is one such guiding force that propels change in the lives of people through constructive interventions. Sarthi is one of the biggest initiatives of Zee Media Corporation Limited that seeks to create a nation where citizens are well informed about their rights and duties; empowered enough to raise their voices against the problems faced by them, which are then effectively addressed and resolved.


Sarthi is a technology based platform that aims to build a well – informed and empowered nation. It has been developed to serve the underserved and under privileged by putting the needs of the Citizens First. Sarthi is a robust platform of Not for Profit institutions, individuals, civil societies, Local government bodies and communities all working towards one common goal of making India, a better nation. This platform is a bridge between Change Seekers (beneficiaries) and Change Makers (NGO/Corporate Foundation/CBO Partners).

The three fundamentals of this platform are to help RAISE – CONNECT – RESOLVE issues for the citizen of India. It will enable people to RAISE and escalate their issues, and we will CONNECT Change Seekers (the citizens) with Change Makers who can help RESOLVE their issues.