Slum Improvement Projects


AAs has implemented conjunctive water management project in two slums in Indore named Rahul Gandhi Nagar and Devshrinagar.

Organization has hands on experience in community mobilization on water and sanitation, water conservation and development of community based systems for water management.

Besides this, organization has its volunteer's network in the 50 slums of Indore and with the help of these volunteers, organization implements various social awareness programmes on a regular basis.



In March 2012, CHILD LINE Indore initiated the concept of “MastikiPathshala” for deprived children. The campaign aims to gather children from the nearby areas and motivate them to spare some time for recreational, educational and vocational activities. Initially the team selected some major areas and identified 30 – 40 children. They were motivated to come and play games, sports and other recreational activities for two hours in evening. Sometimes movies, cartoons etc. are also shown to children to educate them about child issues. It gathers and mobilizes volunteers from all over the city using Facebook and word of mouth. The campaign receives good response from social workers, students, alumni of various colleges and other people.



Now this project is under its fourth phase and is running very successfully by fulfilling all the objectives with which it was started. CHILD LINE has formed about 12 children groups across different communities which it has named as “Child Friendly Community”. AAs plays a very important role in making children aware about their rights, Child Sexual Abuse and Child Line. It trains children and gives them responsibilities so as to make the community Child Friendly. The child groups informs Child Line if they see anything bad happening to children. They keep an eye over cases such as children being dropped out from school, children forced into marriages, rights being snatched from children etc. and accordingly file complaint at CHILD LINE. Recently, AAs came across a case in which a student from Masti Ki Pathshala informed it about the child marriage happening at one place.



1) To develop capacity of children in participatory and pedagogy approach.
2) To convert their negative energies into positive energies through life skills and physical activities like yoga, sports and dance.
3) To educate them about hygiene and cleanliness
4) To develop children as responsible citizens.
5) To make them conscious about child labor, drug intake, harassment and similar issues.
6) To train them to protect themselves in difficult/ vulnerable environment.
7) To demonstrate the importance of education and skill development for future pursuits.
8) To build their (especially girls) capacity by providing vocational or occupational training



One major obstacle encountered by CHILD LINE team was the poor economic condition of children. Some of them had one or no parent and it was not easy to take them out from their routine and persuade them towards development. The other obstacle was lack of fund availability for hiring skilled manpower, necessary goods and other resources.