Social Research


Organization has successfully completed various research projects in Indore covering various development issues such as water and sanitation, Traffic, Wet market, Local economic development etc. Organization conducted all these research assignments for different national and international organizations like Taru, ISET, Commonwealth, Asian Development Organization, Shree MahadeoShahara Trust etc.



AAs once again proved its mettle by doing successful rehabilitation of children who were left in lurch after shutting down of shelter homes. There was a shelter house at Ujjain in which children who belonged to families suffering from Epilepsy were admitted. After the Ministry of Woman and Child Development declared that disease like Epilepsy has been uprooted, all the shelter homes were shut down. The one at Ujjain was converted to children's home and children were sent back to their respective homes. AAs did baseline survey of the condition and prepared a report stating the consequences of the shutting down of shelter home. This report was submitted to CSA(Catalysts for Social Action) for conducting proper rehabilitation of the displaced children.




The Commonwealth Local Government Forum has developed a pilot project which focuses on local economic development within the framework for the implementation of National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM). The NULM is a four year mission working to improve the livelihood of the urban poor in urban local bodies (UBLs) with a population over 100,000. The pilot is being developed in partnership with the MPUIIP Project of Urban Administration and Development Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh and focuses on the cities of Indore and Jabalpur. AAs, as a local NGO partner with its extensive experience in community mobilization has been involved in this project for baseline survey.

Objectives: The general objective is to define baseline conditions of Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, which includes:

  • Household socio-economic scenario, livelihoods, labour, income
  • General awareness and satisfaction of citizens towards Municipal services
  • Factors affecting livelihood of the poor
  • Impact of municipal services on livelihood
  • Citizens' perception for the participation in the betterment of Municipal services.


AAs conducted quantitative and qualitative (including Mapping and PRA FGD, KII) Survey work for the social poverty and gender assessment for Asian Development Bank(ADB) RBL-Madhya Pradesh Urban Services Improvement Program (MPUSIP) in 2015. AAs successfully completed this survey under the guidance of Social and Gender Specialist engaged by ADB. The information regarding Urban Local Body towns to be surveyed, sample size and survey tools were provided by them.

In this assignment, AAs was asked to collect household level data on the provided questionnaire. AAs performed Slum mapping/safety audit with micro plan showing existing water supply, existing drains, streetlights, households without in house toilet, community toilet, open defecation sites and area where women feel unsafe due to water supply and lack of toilets. Having completed the gathering of data meticulously, AAS performed Data Analysis on that data after doing data cleaning, validation checks and tabulation.

This is among the most prestigious projects assigned to AAs and AAs met the expectations as made by MPUSIP. The report prepared by the organisation will be of immense help to MPUSIP for taking necessary steps to improve the living conditions of people in urban local townsand providing them with the basic civic amenities in order to upgrade their style of living.