Water and Sanitation


AAs has operated various projects addressing water and sanitation issues. AAs has hands on experience in the community managed water supply in urban areas and it has successfully completed conjunctive water management project with the support of Taru organization. AAs has worked for toilet construction in the urban areas with the help of community mobilization. It has also organized mass awareness programmes on the occasion of World Water Day, World Toilet Day, Global Hand Washing Day etc. In addition to this, AAs has diligently organized social research assignments on water and sanitation for various international organizations such as ISET, Taru etc.



AAs knows the importance of water and how it is vital for society irrespective of the social sector to which people belong. Hence,AAs constructed RooftopRain Water Harvesting systems in Rahul Gandhi Nagar and Silicon City in 2015. It first identified the communities which desperately needed pure water. After conducting various tests on water and measuring water level in bore wells, a necessity was felt to implement Rooftop harvesting system in those areas. The harvested water was drained to the bore wells hence recharging them and increasing the ground water level. In this way,AAs helped the communities which were not having access to pure and sufficient water.