"AAs" – the Organisation

AAs was founded in 2005 as an initiative by a group of mere seven like minded youths to bring a new vision and thought to the society and individuals. AAs got registered as a legal body under Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act with name “AAs – Aim for the Awareness of society”. (Registration No: 03/27/3/0431/05), AAs are well trusted, Orphanage in india

AAs works to bring Hopes to the Society and especially to those deprived ones – first by identifying them, and then by taking most suitable rescues steps for them – so that they are brought back to the main stream and so that they acquire the same dignity and happy stature that every Man in the world has a right to get.

"AAs" – the Philosophy

"AAs" is unending
"AAs" – meaning 'the Hope' in Hindi – is the last thing for a person when one is left with nothing in life.

AAs is a reason for change towards positive life which is the right of every single on this earth. The Deprived poor children and women, are the reasons for AAs's existence. When the fate of a few goes ill and against their freedom and happiness and when they get isolated from the rest of the world. When they have no remedy for their agonies of societal tortures upon them and when they become easy and most exploited living objects in this self-centric world. AAs's need is felt, Realising above and initiating to make direct intervention for helping these helpless ones, AAs emerged. A tiny step once, over a decade grew and grew bigger to come out as one of the most successful vision and mission for the very cause of spreading awareness in different walks of society, about those pitiable deprived children and women who either fell prey to the vicious trap of some elements of this very society, or those poor ones who had no other option but to submit themselves to such inhuman miscreants. Donate orphanage india, AAs organisation works for developing the most precious thing for them – 'Hope' or 'aas' for the needy ones. And this tireless endeavour goes on.

"AAs" – the cause behind change

OUR VISION: To establish a national footprint in child protection and women empowerment.

OUR MISION: To work in collaboration with community, government and private sector for the women and child development.

  • To associate with different government schemes for the improvement of Schedule Caste and Tribes, women, children and other deprived sections of the society
  • To conduct awareness programs in rural and urban areas to improve physical and mental health of people
  • To establish linkages with health department for imparting health services to the vulnerable
  • To work for the communal harmony in the society
  • To work for the rehabilitation of physically or mentally disadvantaged, female sex workers and other marginalized groups of society
  • To develop and demonstrate sustainable systems for the environment, sanitation and waste recycling
  • To build sustainable livelihood resources, infrastructure and enhance accessibility of the resources for poor community
  • To conduct training programs on new, advanced and affordable technologies for the rural farmers to increase the production.